Furniture with good vibes
Story by Tina Paras

Photo by © Vaunn Yevo

Ekais Furniture

– An authentic integration of disciplined architecture + interior design


Featuring Model Yuliya Vorontsova. Photography+Styling by Vaunn Yevo.
Hair+Makeup by Melissa Murphy Bedi.


Ekais Furniture, a Los Angeles based company offers a delightful selection of hand-crafted furniture for the living room, bedroom, dining room, as well as interior decorations.  Ekais has two main collections of furniture, The Bella and The Claire, both authentic and integrated displays of mid-century modern artistry and form.


Stephan Jinup Son, the company’s Creative Director subscribes to the design principal of “form meets function” but taken to the next level.  Furniture is art, and with art innovation is key. Therefore, in the Ekais collections, innovation meets function.  Stephan is very deliberate about the creation of each design.


Ekais operates with a collaborative spirit both in house and with outside manufacturers and suppliers.  The Director of Design and Development, Jeff W. Son, works closely with Stephan to create the company’s artistic aesthetic. Jeff believes that good furniture design is all in the understanding of the materials and the characteristics of their properties.  Working with the materials, allowing them serve as the muse for the final form is key to creating cohesive and functional furnishings.


Both Stephan and Jeff strive for perfection in each of their pieces. They create timeless, simple, planar designs that blend perfectly into the modern environment of the luxurious home.  The furniture is a wonderful, authentic integration of disciplined architecture and interior design.  The pieces mix beautifully and naturally into the cultivated interior landscape.