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Photo Essay  by Vaunn Yevo




Summer Bishil, from a very young age, recognized that her overwhelming fear of social situations and interactions with people was isolating her from life. She has consciously chosen to walk her way through her fears by allowing her desire to perform serve as her muse to communicate with others. Instead of allowing her internal struggles to spiral into further withdrawal from society, as nearly 7 million others who suffer from social anxiety do, Summer has used her talents and sheer will to fulfill her own dreams. She, without even trying, is a strong and inspirational advocate for those who struggle silently. It’s a battle she’s dealt with her entire life.



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Photos by Vaunn Yevo
Starring model Rachel Zimmerman
Styling by Brian Chang, Jewelry by Mishka Piaf
Makeup+Hair by Lacey Broughton
Digital by

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About a company in China called EKAIS


goldie Haute

Photography by Vaunn Yevo



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